A3 Printer

Multifunction A3 Printer

Multifunction A3 printers are the ideal all-in-one machine for office use. Their main benefit is their flexibility of being a printer, fax machine, scanner and copier in one compact unit. These printers are commonly used by businesses in their offices given they are more versatile than ordinary desktop printers.

Detailed Multifunction A3 Printer Capabilities:

  • Printing. Produce high quality prints ranging from smaller to larger A3 documents.
  • Scanning. Scans from the scanner can be sent directly to computers for different purposes like email attachment or archiving.
  • Copying. Efficient document duplication.
  • Fax machine. You will be able to efficiently send via fax.
  • Network capability and or WIFI. Multifunctional A3 printers can be networked to each and every computer available in your office.  
  • Flashcard drives/USB. Many multifunction A3 printers now come with the ability to print directly from memory cards, flashcards and USBs.

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