A3 Printer

Colour Laser A3 Printer

Colour laser A3 printers are one of the two types of laser printers designed to print high quality coloured images and text into an A3 or 11.69” X 16.54” (297 mm X 420 mm) printing paper. This type of laser printer is commonly used in offices, schools and other business industry. The A3 colour format is often utilised for printing items like memos, reports, posters, etc. Most A3 laser printers are capable of printing up to 100 pages per minute. Some of the latest high speed models can print up to 250 pages a minute depending on their specifications.

The other type of A3 laser printer is monochrome or black and white, mainly used for text based document printing. This type is more popular version of A3 laser printers.

Both the price and running costs of colour laser A3 printer vary based on the price of toner, paper, drum replacement of consumable portions such as fuser assembly and transfer assembly.

Before deciding on what type of printer is best to you it is important to consider the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Colour Laser A3 Printers:

  • Faster than other printers such as inkjet, dot matrix and other regular printers. Laser A3 printers print by page rather than by line.
  • Accurate and high quality printing results. Laser printers are built with fast processors and additional memory that allows them to print rapidly and perform multiple tasks.
  • Lower cost per page. Because they use toner cartridges, they can print thousands of pages before needing to be replaced unlike ink cartridges.
  • Multifunction. Most A3 printers serve multiple purposes such as, scanning, duplex (double-sided) printing, sorting, stapling, and support printing over networks.
  • Flexible to use. This printer is extremely useful for printing coloured or non-coloured documents.

The Cons:

  • Large and bulky.
  • Expensive. An A3 laser printer is more expensive than an inkjet and other types of printers.
  • Higher repair cost. If you printer breaks down the cost of repair is often higher.

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